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Leah & Connors Wedding FIlms


Now onto the wedding day itself. Despite being a Summers day in early Autumn the weather Gods were not smiling on Leah and Connor and we were hit with rain showers throughout the day. This did not dampen our spirits however, Gemma and I ensured we found breaks in the rain to take Leah and Connor out for their couple shots and, as you can see from the trailer film above, and the full highlights film below, we captured some absolute magic with the couple. The chemistry between the Leah and Connor is just so natural that they made our jobs incredibly easy and these moments are so special to relive on film. 

Leah and Connor were married in Barton Hall's Orangery, with its high, glass domed ceiling, and rustic interior, it made for a very unique wedding ceremony location and it stands of one of my favourite places that i've shot a ceremony at. Once the ceremony was completed and the space cleared it made for a beautiful location for some couple shots. Leah and Connor were keen on having some drone videography taken of the venue however I was limited to how much I could fly due to the weather, so we got creative and used the drone inside the Orangery to get some creative shots of the couple dancing together.

Leah and Connor opted for my Emerald Wedding Videography package meaning that they received a 1-2 minute wedding trailer film, a longer 10+ minute highlights film, their film actually came in at around the 17 minute mark as I don't cap the length of the film, I ensure that they are long enough to tell the story of your day and do it justice. Leah and Connors full length Wedding Highlights Film is linked below.

Leah & Connors Unforgettable wedding day, shot at Barton Hall, Northamptonshire

The gallery of film stills below highlights some of the beautiful moments captured between Leah and Connor in their Wedding Highlights Film but, in truth, this gallery could have easily contained another 100 frames of amazing moments that were captured. From the fun group shots, the speeches, the absolutely spectacular singing waiters who, among other songs, had the whole room dancing on their chairs and waving their napkin frenetically to some ABBA bangers and rousing rendition or Nessun Dorma to close out, to the party and the nights culmination with outside sparkler shots - Leah & Connors day had it all. 

I am so grateful to Leah and Connor for entrusting me with capturing the memories of their day in a wedding film, and for the opportunity to bring the HC Visuals Wedding Videography brand to Northamptonshire's Barton Hall, and in the final film edit that was delivered to the couple. You see I pride myself on producing wedding films that arent the norm that you see every single day, bland generic beige films that lean hard into gentle pacing and slow piano music whilst missing all of the other key moments of the day, the fun, the romance, the laughs, the precious moments with family and friends and, ultimately, a fun and vibrant film that truly represents your day!

It is, of course, always a pleasure to work alongside Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer Gemma Randall, who I cant recommend highly enough if you are on the hunt for a photographer for your big day. Together we captured magic and this day will live long in the memory. Thank you Leah and Connor!

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Leah & Connors Pre-Wedding Shoot

The Perfect Golden Hour For Leah & Connors pre-wedding shoot, Shot IN Brill, Buckinghamshire


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